Thanks for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I really appreciate and admire the work you are doing for Noelle’s Gift. The dollars you give will go a long ways to support our universal nutrition programs in our schools. I have attached a picture of some of our volunteers with student helpers at one of our breakfast programs.

A thank you to Noelle’s Gift!

Students come to school hungry for a variety of reasons. It can be early morning bus rides or practices or they were not hungry when they left home. Often times it is food insecurity. Many of our family are struggling to put good nutritious food on their plates.

Your dollars that you so generously donate go to buy food for our school nutrition programs. We make sure that good quality nutritious food is available for all the students throughout the day. The number of students being served in our schools each day is increasing and your gift allows the school to expand their programs to better serve their students.

Hungry students find it difficult to concentrate on their work, have poor attendance and some discipline issues. Having food available throughout the day for students alleviates many of these issues.

You are helping us make a difference in the students’ day.

You are making a difference!J

Thank you.