Grace learned a big lesson during her birthday. Her parents educated her on the importance of giving back to “the less fortunate” prior to her birthday. At a young age Grace quickly made a decision to pass on personal gifts to herself and suggest that money be donated to Noelle’s Gift. Grace’s parents said that her excitement was uncontrollable leading up to her Birthday and of course they were proud.

Well Nolle’s Gift is proud of Grace for understanding the importance of ‘giving back’ and she is already a ‘smash hit’ in our books!

We would like all of Grace’s friends know that we appreciate your financial donation and that Grace is ecstatic about donating $635 to Noelle’s Gift. Your birthday gifts to her will last longer then a gift of a new pair of shoes or fancy poster. Grace’s dedication and excitement has put smiles on many faces. Noelle’s Gift considers you an angel! Be proud of yourself Grace. Do not stop helping people around you, you’re going to be a positive roll model your whole life!

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂

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