Ample amount of time and energy is put into baking for your friends and family; hosting a bake sale can take that much more time & energy especially when you sell $493.55 in baked goods at the end of your driveway.

Let us tell you about Audra. Audra is seven years old and attends Ecole Les Rapides in the second grade. She was gifted an American Girl doll for her birthday in May. If you are not aware: American Girl doll’s inspire young girls to become entrepreneurs and this particular doll encourages hosting a bake sale with profits going to a non-profit of their choice.


Audra begged her mother to host her own bake sale. Audra was familiar with Noelle’s Gift because her mother participated in Race to Erase this past fall and she attended Noelle’s Gift Family Fun Day at Tecumseh Park last year too. When her mother described more about Noelle’s Gift she unleashed her entrepreneur spirit and got down to business with Noelle’s Gift being her charity of choice.

Audra spent the week leading up to her bake sale finding recipes, baking, decorating and making signs. With a little push from promoting the event on Facebook and drawing in local traffic to the bake sale with her hand crafted signs; amazement filled Audra’s eyes with the support she received.  Audra and her co-helper (younger brother Nevin) spent five hours at the end of their driveway to find empty containers of goodies and a zip lock bag full of earned profits. How she determined how many people to bake for is ‘beyond us’.

Audra you’ve out done yourself; our hearts are warm with joy at your accomplishment. Our mouths are watering thinking about how tasty your baked good must have been 🙂

You’re a ‘smash hit’ Audra you’ve inspired us and many who read this. You are truly making a difference – keep inspiring :p

Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂


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