For Reid helping others made him feel: he wanted to do it more, it was fun, he felt proud and he felt happy because he was helping others.

Reid completed a Compassion Project just before Christmas as part of a school project. The wonderful project idea was created by Mrs. Medeiros at St. Joseph’s in Corunna. Reid had tremendous support from neighbours, friends, family and all his teammates who play on his hockey team in Mooretown. Reid’s mother Tara said that “Reid was overly excited to deposit the money he raised into the┬áNoelle’s Gift Fund”.

Compassion spills out of this little man’s heart. Keep an eye out for him because when he is not reading to his sibling or helping his friends and family you just might see him bagging groceries at a local grocery store or even volunteering his time at The Inn of The Good Shepherd or simply holding a door open for you.

Reid you’re a Smash Hit! Your poster is beyond spectacular and we would like you to know that you should be proud that you raised $500.65 more than your $100 goal. WOW very impressive! Although most importantly Reid; please know that you are growing up to be a very positive roll model for everyone around you!

Thank you Reid!

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