Is .25 cents the standard cost to call someone? Its’ possible that this rate has increased over time? How much does it cost to use a payphone these days? Can .25 cents change someone’s day?

act of kindness card

Theo’s older Brother gifted him a envelope full of .25 cents pieces for his fifth birthday. Maybe only five quarters existed in the envelope? Theo’s mother found a Noelle’s Gift kindness card at a BBQ near the splash pad in Sarnia this past summer.

At five-years old today; Theo is grasping the idea of paying it forward with his quarters. His mother explained that he was overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of passing his quarters to the next person who visited the ‘fish feeding station’ under the Bluewater Bridge.


Now lets’ reflect on the facts for a moment….

The Brother gifted a bunch of quarters; the value doesn’t matter

The Mother passed on a idea

Theo left lots of ‘fish food’ as a gift of kindness to the next person whom cared about feeding the fish of our water streams.

hmmm…… full circle?

You’re a ‘Smash hit’ Theo! The choice of how many quarters you chose to share with the next person inline doesn’t matter because you just ‘called’ hundreds of people with your kindness!


Noelle’s Gift Committee Members 🙂