$1555.50!! I would like to take this time to thank many people for a successful Noelle’s Gift fundraiser. Thanks to the vendors for making it possible. Thanks to my good friend Wilma Hunninck for suggesting this idea and for helping to do everything! Thanks to Debbie Brush for getting vendors, organizing the gym, and helping me all along the way. Thank you Staycee Vitek for getting vendors and helping to clean up! Thanks to Tom Cook for putting all of the tables away. Thanks to Tecumseh students for making sunflowers, decorating and setting tables up. Thanks Karissa Jayne and John Branco for getting tables. Thanks to everyone who attended and supported this special cause. Thanks to Lynn Paquette for getting the raffle license and allowing us to do this in memory of her special daughter. You have helped so many students!!Hugs to all of you! 🤗💛🌻