Noelle's Legacy

Noelle Paquette

Survived by her loving family and friends, she was a gift to everyone who was lucky enough to meet her. Her optimism and positivity were inspirational and driven by her inner strength and inherent goodness. Noelle's presence was unique and unmatchable. She had a way about her that resonated and filled everyone's heart with warmth and pure kindness. Noelle loved with all of her heart and knew no other way. Although her life was unjustly taken from her on the 1st of January 2013, she will continue to live on in the hearts of everyone whose lives she touched, forever more. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts, Social Science Degree from the University of Ottawa in 2008, Noelle Paquette developed a love for teaching during a one-year placement at an elementary school in Seoul, South Korea in 2010. Returning to Canada, Noelle completed her Bachelor of Education Degree at Nipissing University in 2011. She then returned to her hometown Sarnia, Ontario to start her journey as a Teacher in a town she adored and grew up in. She immediately made an impact during her 2012 contract position at St. Matthew Catholic School in the St. Clair Catholic District School Board, taking it upon herself to go above and beyond her assigned duties. She was passionate about helping students grow and ensuring they were able to have a positive experience, often supplying meals, classroom supplies, and clothing to those students in need.

What was most important to Noelle was her family, friends and students. She enjoyed every minute she spent teaching and no matter how much she did for her students, she always wanted to do more.

Thank you for helping continue Noelle's legacy by contributing to a cause which was so important to her. 

A Beautiful Message From Noelle's Girls  - Noelle Paquette is our best friend! She was the type of friend that would drop everything and be by your side for whatever reason, whether it was to share a laugh or cry. If you were crying when she got there, she would have you laughing by the time she left. She wasn’t just a great friend; she was a loving and caring daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, and teacher. Her positive attitude was infectious, her smile could light up a room, and her charismatic energy was captivating to those young and old.“Noel”... was not only five foot one “and a half,” but she was the glue that held us girls together. Some of our favourite memories are our infamous rock’n’bowl nights (which she always organized), her original dance moves, her ability to find the best deal, and her stubborn nature that made her that much more loveable. She balanced her love of nachos and panzarottis with her enthusiasm for being active. Noel always had fun, never took things to seriously and was true to who she was. We are better people for being able to call her our friend.

“Miss P” brightened the lives of each of her students. She was a positive role model, who provided a safe place for her students to develop. Teaching to Noelle was not just a 9 to 5 job, it was her passion. Her strength inspired the children she taught. Noelle’s ‘gift’ to children will continue to grow through the legacy she left to help those within the community. On behalf of Noelle, we thank you for your continued support and for keeping the compassionate spirit of our friend alive.

Love, The Girls